Loving America - What It Mean's To Me

Loving America seems pretty simple to me! It becomes a problem when people want to control America instead of being a part of this great country. The founding fathers were far ahead of their time when they created the U.S. Constitution and wrote the rights that give us the freedoms we love. That document also is our shield against those who would try to take away our rights and replace them with some other form of government. The power of the vote allows us to correct errors we sometimes make in electing people who want to control rather than follow the directive they received. This blog is about more than Buy American, patriotic t-shirts, and Proud American shirts. It's about the freedoms we enjoy.

A name like Proud American can be confusing at first glance. After all, pride is not always something to be admired, especially when we are proud of ourselves. The Bible warns us not to be proud of our accomplishments lest we believe they are because of our actions. We are proud of our country. We believe in God, and we believe in the American dream. America is not without blame or errors, but it is not void of compassion, hope, and gratitude. We choose to focus on people's good to push out the bad. We believe it's good to be a Proud American because it humbles us to know what has been accomplished by our founders, the sacrifices of our veterans, and the imagination that keeps our country going. 

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